By taking care of each other

Love has been....My Veggies! My Giant Yellow Squash, My Tomatoes, Peppers of all kinds, Corn, Kale, Green Zhucs, Onions, plus some Giant Sunflowers that I learned to grow for the first time in my life!, during Covid, while staying in Newmarket.  I became a farmer!, and I loved this so much, that I think I'm headed to become a farmer, with my own chickens, growing my own food, to live with nature, (while digging a hole for a nice bronze foundry of course), 3 potters wheels and a Raku Firing area..to build a studio to teach kids art and design.....let's say in the next year. I invite one lovely woman to come join me and my faithful hunting dog Patrick. This will be a ranch, truck driving, creatively fullfilling life, with nature.

love is Something that must survive

In a quote from Tolstoy, one of my favourite philosophers. "Love Is Life. All, Everything that I Understand, I understand only because I love. Everything exists, everything is, only because I love. Love is God, and when I die, means I as a particle of love, shall return to the general and eternal source." 

I pair this phrase from Tolstoy, to the teaching of my beloved Zoran, my OCAD ceramics teacher. I presented a piece to him one class, and he said to me..."Hikaru there is a difference between Making Love, and F#@King". (as he starred miserably at the piece I handed in).  You know what, he's right, and I have been passing his words to my students for the past 20 years. 

Growing up, I've always been taught that 'To have heart', is the most important thing to give heart.  This is opposite to 'wanting, being petty, throwing tantrums, blaming others', holding power over another.  Argumentative personalities should Self Realize and look at this Link, at why certain people pick fights.  Forgiveness is an action of a good heart. Now, back to the heart.... I have seen many damaged hearts, and this leads to conflict, separation, war. This year is a time for my Peace. Each day though, we need human connections. Either by a phone call to an employee or to your hospital for a surgery.  We feel good with a complete connection, but it can be from acquiring an agreement, a pat on the back, being paid, gaining status...but where does love come in? I believe it exists 'when we loose', when there is no gain or the 'wants' above...We give a part of ourselves freely. If I created a sculpture with my love and touch, I'm not looking for tons of hits on instagram or praise. It is my investment of my soul. However on the other end, the viewer can recognize something made with  Love. I believe that as we become too much a digitally based society, that we will look for gain, hits, affirmation of entitlements, more than we look for things made with love. Love is the reason for me to exist. I was adopted and saved, helped by love. It wasn't an obligation, a purpose. It was a givingness whereby my adoptive parents can easily loose. Loose money in raising me. Loose me to even run away with no thanks. They had love in them. My question is now, do we still want love, when we are in a world that wants hits, likes more,. And with 'hits and likes', we always look to Win, and never Loose, do we. When I arrived in Newmarket for the first time just before Covid. I met my new landlord's mother, in the backyard, near what was to later become my beautiful garden. I spoke a bit about my past. She said this, as she departed on an errand.....'Take Care Of Each Other'.  Meaning, that myself, and her son, to take care of each other. These words mean a lot to me. So how do we find our way? We focus on Giving, in a manner of which, to care for one another as a whole ...friendship, partnership, community, society, culture, world.

I can better express love and the points above by bringing you back to our live history, to show you the songs below, when love was also felt by humans on a deeper,  more heartfelt manner, when human beings once possessed this scale in the 80's and early 90's.  You Are My Lady - Freddy Jackson, Make It Real- The Jets, I Swear - All 4 One, I Just Can't Stop Loving youTender Love -Force MDs, I Want It That Way-Backstreet Boys, After All - Al Jareau, Never Gonna Let You Down-Surface, So BadWith You I'm Born Again. All I Want Is Forever. I love the energy in this song.   ........ And as a teen of the amazing 80's, in Toronto. April Fool, by Chalk Circle, The Spoons, Romantic Traffic. Dan Hill, Never Thought,  Gino Vannelli, I Just Wanna Stop, Cory Hart, I Wear My Sunglasses At Night, Honeymoon Suite, What Does It Take, LoverBoy, Heaven In Your Eyes. In the Spoons video, you can see our original TTC Red Rocket trains.