Hikaru kiyonaga

My life in 3 short acts.

my new 2nd act

I'm one of those guys who likes to make people laugh, as my father did. He taught me to have a youthful heart, and that heart was the most important give to others. I've realized, as I was orphaned at an early age, that I tend to find my way through life by noticing the connected reasons behind a person's sentiment. A small gesture, cadence of voice trickles through my senses. I love the moment before a person smiles. Thus...I would like my forward years to continue building a body of work that honours our human character and our common human story.

I am now building a new body of work, of Portraiture. If you would like your portrait created, I am accepting new clients, from corporate portraits to e-commerce, artists, moms, dads, or someone special. Please visit the Booking link for rates and availability. I look forward to meeting you!

portrait photography
when one's spirit is recognized

One of my photos for the magazine taken during covid. There is beauty, but also, without speaking, there is so much more. The soul of a person reaches through the natural surfaces we're born with. It peeps through our eyes, and uses our lips to purse or smile.

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My Bronze work
My baby goes with me

This is my beloved Mother & Child piece, mounted on natural wood with bark. The Bronze Baby is removable, and both feature a wrapped coiled look, which is my method to show the living energy around our living beings...or the 'invisible wind'. This is also the air we breathe, in which humankind was separated from nature, but we need it so.

moments with my amazing interns
from u of t to sheridan to ocad

Oh the great times we've had! Here is Ester, Julianna and Roman in 2005 I believe, hamming it up in our publication's studio. We had the most amazing, heart warming times back then, that were also constructive and skills building. From 2000-2017 I have had the honour of training around 7 interns and co-op students a year. Most whom are now married and have kids of their own, and still keep contact with me today.

Commerical - Industrial images
character in objects

A portrait of a wonderful machine from an amazing client, that I felt excelled in both design and function. This was a cold November's day. 

the Lessons in my life
with chantale kreviuzik in montreal 
hikaru K with Chantal Kreviazuk in Montral

In 2008 my ACF Team had the distinct honour to interview and create a wonderful photoshoot with Canadian singer songwriter Chantal Kreviuzik, at the Hotel Le Sulpice In Old Montreal. Photo by Chris Thompson. Stylist Alexandra Loeb. I am here, as Creative Director, Editor In Chief. The lesson here is... when we interviewed Chantale as to 'What is Beauty?...she answered...Humility"

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my publications
the latest edition of story of fashion
SOF_Hikru&Lynn-me too

My career of 22 years now, is based on my love of telling the human story. In particular, of Canadian artists and designers whom I wish to be acknowledged for the new culture they create. This photo is by Stephen Caissie, at Joso's where Drake also shot his album cover for Take Care. I am here, having a bit of fun with Assistant Concertmaster of The National Ballet Orchestra, and The Canadian Opera Company, Lynn Kuo. She is proudly our cover story for our long awaited post covid release in April of 2022. www.storyoffashion.com

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Above photo: My internship students from U of T and Sheridan College from 2007, with Nicki, Stephanie, Jesse, Oksana, on a special photoshoot for Greta Constantine at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.